How To Like Everything: A Utopia

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I can't understand you people, You said you want peace, No poverty, No discrimination, No environmental problems, This is what we asked for. Y'all said life will be boring, We can't live life to the fullest, And etc, BUT who said you can;t live your life to the fullest if what you're living now is the most peaceful place in earth? If we lived in a utopion society, there would be peace, love, and harmony in so many ways.

One person would not have to suffer through the death process, and their loved ones would not have to watch them go.

You would be able to be free to live without fear. A life without any diseases, any pain, and any suffering would be non existent.

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Heaven is a utopia. Even though people ladies man would say that we learn stuff through contrast, in a Utopian society, people would be happy anyways. Even in the original utopia, something that many would consider a dystopia, that is no longer a utopia. A utopia would be a disease-less, painless, deathless world.

Comment, lets talk. Living in a utopian society would be extremely boring and inhuman. A world without pain, suffering, sickness, death and emotions would be unlivable, emotion is part of our nature. We appreciate everything by contrast; health through illness, life through death, peace through war, pleasure through discomfort, etc. In a utopian world, without sickness, death, war, etc.

We will find peace and safety in paradise, but in this life we have to suffer and tire so that we can understand life and live the way we want it and also we are not robots just feel happy we have to try all the feelings to feel the taste of life. In a utopia, we would never learn to appreciate what we have. We would try to find flaws in everything. Besides, perfect is overrated. If everything was perfect, there would be no motivation or determination to succeed.

Utopian societies could keep us happy for a while, but, just like everything else, it would become normal.

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I would not want to live in utopia because it will be extremely boring and as a 13 year old we like to be running around and play sports and be energetic, in utopia there's know where you can really go to play sports, Also in utopia without any wars,sickness,death we wouldnt learn how to fully live without seeing another go to down so we know what to do to live and what not to do, we would never appreciate any peace,life or health, exampling a world without pain, emotions, is part of our nature, as parents and even kids all of us have to feel down, feel sick, suffer from a little bit of pain to keep living and in utopia you can never do that!.

To live in a utopia world, is to not exist at all. And not existing at all is a huge bummer on both sides of the debate and the spectrum. Just for example, The Roast Game, would you still want to live in a world where everyone ate all children. From reading books and watching The Giver the movie , living in a utopian society is terrible to me.

*Utopia'*s Producers Know Utopia Is Impossible—That's the Point

However, one person's utopia could be one's dystopia, like someone said. From what I have been reading, Living in a typical Utopian society would mean that yes, there wouldn't be sickness or suffering which is good to me, but living in a Utopia means I can not feel emotions and that every one would be the same. We should be able to express ourselves and celebrate our differences, not hide or sacrifice them.

Some place is a whether Utopia is only according to each single person. For example, some people may think that a world without gays would be a Utopia but, the gays would strongly disagree. Some may even argue that a world with only gays is a utopia.

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How To Like Everything: A Utopia by Paul Shepheard

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